Sözal Masterbatch has emerged as most reliable partner to depend for colour, special effects and addivities masterbatches, where customers rely on its technical competency timely development of new products and ensuring faster deliveries to help them cop up with rapidly changing business demands.
Sözal is know for ensuring exceptional quality, batch to batch consistency this is possible due o its state of the art & dedicated quality and analytical laboratories.


Sözal has an extensive range of colour White, black& addivities masterbatches fort he packaging ındustry. This range finds its use in varied application including durable industrial drums, Carboys, Crates, Microwaveble trays, Caps & Closures. Sözal servet he rigid packaging industry with following product other than colour whites and black masterbatches.

Special Effects

Masterbatches Our wide range includes special effect like pearlescent, luminescent, fluorescent, metalic, sparkled stone, ceramic and marble.

Addivites Masterbatches

• Nucleating Masterbatch

• Mold Release Agent

• Optical Brightener Masterbatch

• Ultraviolet Stablizer Masterbatch


Flexible packaging is produced either by Blown, Cast or Orientation process. To fulfill all consumer needs, often primary packaging materials are converted by lamination, extrusion coating etc into a final product.

Sözal we serve the flexible packaging with following masterbatches:

• Colour White & Black Masterbatch

• Ant - Block Masterbatch

• Slip Additive Masterbatch

• Anti fog Masterbatch

• Anti bacterial Masterbatch

• Ultraviolet stabilizer Masterbatch


product recommendation guide

Basides the above products, custom made Colours and Additive masterbatches can be tailor - made as per customers requipments.

Product Code Product Name  Polymer  Base Loading % Recommended Use
CP 8A 12F Economic white Ultra PE 30 Injection& Blow Molding
CP 8A 59I D White PE 40 Injection& Blow Molding
CP 8A 60I TM.White PE 60 ınjection Molding
CP 8A 115F Ultra Premium White PE 70 Mono& Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion
CP 8A 72F Him White PE 70 Film Extrusion
CP 8A 57F SPL Plain White PE 60 Mono& Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion
CP 8F 170I Poly Styrene White PE 40 Injection Molding, Sheet Extrusion
Black   PE    
CP 7A 03F Jet Black PE 40 Injection Molding, Blown Film, Blow Molding
CP 7A 10F  Super Jet Black PE 40 Injection Molding, Blown Film, Blow Molding, Lamination
CP 7A 44I Pantone Black C PE 10 Injection Molding
CP 7A 26F Supreme Black PE 30 Injection Molding, Blown Film
UVS 402, UVS 404 UV Stablizer PE   Raffia
PPA 703, PPA 705 Processing Aid PE   Mono& Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion
SAB 1901 Slip Anti Block PE   Blown Film
AB 2205 Anti Block PE   Blown Film
AFG 810, AFG 812 Anti Fog PE   Blown Film
SE 115 Slip PE   Injection Molding
CLA 610PP Clarifying PE   Injection Molding
OB 1601 Optical Brightener PE   Injection Molding