Single Pigment Dispersions

Sözal Mono Masterbatch is known for its highly consistent batch to batch supplies and exceptional colour strength. The wide range includes variety of selected pigments which are loaded at high concentration & perfectly dispersed in PE carrier resin.


Few business benefit includes:

• As replacement of powder pigments to ensure dust free operations and ease of handling
• Reducing cleaning times between batches ensuring high production efficiencies with minimal wastage
• Its pre-dispersed characteristics find its suitability for manufacturing of Mono Filaments, thin film, tailor made masterbatch and compounds.

product recommendation guide

Product Code Product Name Polymer Base Polymer Compability Pigment Loading Heat Stability Chemical Character
CP 2A 89M Pigment yellow 13 PE LPE  LLDPE   HDPE  PP 40% 200 Diarylide
CP 2A 114M Pigment yellow 17 PE   40% 200 Diarylide
CP 2A 113M Pigment yellow 83 PE   40% 200 Diarylide
CP 2A 112M Pigment yellow 191 PE   40% 280 AZO (CA)
CP 2A 115M Pigment yellow 139 PE   40% 260 Iso Indolinone
CP 3A 127M Pigment RED 57:1  PE   40% 220 Monoazo Ca
CP 3A 68M Pigment RED 53:1  PE   40% 240 Monoazo Ba
CP 3A 100M Pigment RED 48:2  PE   40% 240 Monoazo Ca
CP 3A 73M Pigment RED 170 PE   40% 240 Monoazo / Nephtol AS
CP 3A 134M Pigment RED 48:3  PE   40% 240 Monoazo / Nephtol AS
CP 3A 125M Pigment RED 122 PE   40% 280 Quinacridone
CP 3A 135M IRON OXIDE RED 110M PE   60% 300 Iron Oxide
CP 3A 136M IRON OXIDE RED 130M PE   60% 300 Iron Oxide
CP 1A 173M Pigment Blue 15:1  PE   40% 280 Cu- phthalocyanine ( Alfa)
CP 1A 164M Pigment Blue 15:3 PE   40% 280 Cu- phthalocyanine (Beta)
CP 1A 181M Pigment Violet 23 PE   40% 240 Dioxazine
CP 4A 113M Pigment Green 7 PE   40% 280 Cu- phthalocyanie Chloro
CP 7A 10F Pigment Black 7 PE   40% 300 Carbon black