Wire & Cable

Our world is getting connected better everyday and Wires & Cables plays a very inportant role as an enabler. This imposes high demands on cabling solution. Jacketing provides power & telecommunication cables with a protective layer againts mechanical shocks, chemicals, oils and weathering exposure. It also provides waterproofing characteristics.


Available on carriers such as PE, EVA an deven PBT for optical cables& importantly it satisfies the lates regulations.
Sözal has formulated specific additives range to enhance finished product characteristics like:

• Flame Retardant Masterbatch

• Anti Rodent Masterbatch

• Anti - Oxidant Masterbatch

Sözal offers a range of Masterbatches for cable jacketing applications. These products offer excellent coloration performance, weathering characteristics and thermal stabilization and help manufactures process cable jacketing smoothy.

product recommendation guide

Select products from our extensive range which are widely used in Cable jacketing industry are listed below. These are products apart from our standard color palate, popularly used in this industry.

Product Code Product Name  Polymer  Base General Characteristics
CP 8A 98F Milky White PE 50% Tio2 loaded masterbatch with high quality dispersion and great economic value
CP 8C 100I Universal White EVA 35% Tio2 loaded Universal carrier for excellent compatibility
CP 7A 16I Regular Black PE 40% Carbon concentrated masterbatch providing all required characteristics for cable manufacturing
CP 7C 55I Universal Black  EVA 45% Carbon black loaded Universal carrier for excellent compatibility
CP 7A 10F AO Super Jet Black PE 40% Carbon with extra anti- oxidants to prevent thermal degradation
PPA 703,PPA 705 Processing Aid PE for Increased productivit and better processibility
AR 1710 Anti- Rodent PE For guarding cable from rodent attacks
FR 1401 Flame Retardant PE Self- Extinguishing property to prevent from the vulnerability of fire
AO 905& AO 910 Anti-Oxidant PE Prevents polymer degradation during process& increases thermal stability