Science & Technology today is restlessy working to innovate new gaddets which is making our life easier than ever and hence we tend to accumulate dozens of gadgets for a wide variety of our tasks.


Colour solutions by Sözal offers you perfect Masterbatch preparations than over an enormous spectrum of shades and meet stringent requirements of mechanical resistance, heat resistance and fastness to weathering.
Innovative know how&high quality colour solutions have made Sözal a leading supplier of Masterbatches for household & Industrial Appliances.

Our wide range also ıncludes unique formulated products for very specific functional needs:

• Antimicrobial Masterbatch

• Flame Retardant Masterbatch

• Nucleating Masterbatch

• Clarifying Masterbatch

• PP & PS Base Masterbatch & Compounds

product recommendation guide

Basides the above products, custom made Colours and Additive masterbatches can be tailor - made as per customers requipments.

Product Code Product Name  Polymer  Base General Characteristics
CP 8A 01I IFB White PE Widely used in variety of appliances for Injection Molding
CP 8F 170I Poly Styrene White PS For Injection Molding applications 
CP7B77I Black PP For Injection Molding applications 
CP 7F 78I Styrene black PS For Injection Molding applications 
AO 905PP Anti- Oxidant PP Prolonges oxidation during high temperature& long residence time operation in Injection Molding
ABC 510 Anti Microbial PE Block the metabolism of the bacteria through an enzymatyic reaction, preventing the growth of bacteria , yeast & Algae. Shall be used for Injection Molding & Extrusion processes
ABC 510PP Anti Microbial PP Same as above in PP as carrier resin
CLA 610PP Clarifying PP For increased trnsparency during Injection Molding process in PP
AST 305 Anti-Static PE Long lasting agent fort eliminating static charge for İnjection Molding applications
FR 1401 Flame Retardant PE Self- Extinguishing property with low surface blooming