Corporate Ethics

This document summarizes politics, standards and guidelines of SÖZAL KİMYA with which all employees should be familiar with.
This document objects to provide information
• To guide employees while conducting business
• To improve the understanding of the company’s ethical standards among customers, suppliers and third persons.
Employees shall comply with all laws and regulations in connection with their work, with all guidelines as well as with all relevant chemical industry codes.
Employees shall at all times act in the best interests of SÖZAL Kimya and, whenever possible, avoid situations in which their personal interests conflict with those of SÖZAL Kimya. The interests of related parties (family members and other residents of the same household) may, according to the circumstances, also be regarded as personal interest of an employee.
Employees shall notify SÖZAL Kimya in advance of secondary employment and board appointments.
SÖZAL Kimya does not tolerate any form of active or passive bribery, expressly including private bribery and providing advantages/facilitation payment.
Sponsorship funds, cash payments, and other gifts to politicians, political parties, associations, or other organizations may be undertaken only in compliance with the applicable laws and with the prior consent of SÖZAL Kimya, and must be duly noted in the books of accounts.
Gift and other grants may not be accepted if they could influence employees in concrete decisions or induce them to engage in specific conduct. İn case of insisting such proposals, SÖZAL Kimya shall immediately be informed on the case, and the essential countermeasure shall be conducted together with the management.
SÖZAL Kimya is committed to the international struggle against money laundering and financing of terrorism. Employees in their work environment may neither allow themselves to become involved in nor tolerate action in violation of domestic or foreign money laundering regulations. Any employee shall not be a part of or wholly acting an insider trader.
SÖZAL Kimya supports fair and vigorous competition. Fort his reason, it is the policy of SÖZAL Kimya and it is expected from all Employees to comply strictly and in all respects with competition laws.
During and after their employment with SÖZAL Kimya, Employees shall observe absolute secrecy concerning all trade secrets and all other confidential information about SÖZAL Kimya, which they may learn in the course of their employment relationship with SÖZAL Kimya.
SÖZAL Kimya’s business assets may be used only for SÖZAL Kimya’s business purposes. Employees shall handle SÖZAL Kimya’s business assets with care and protect them appropriately from loss, damage, misuse, theft, misappropriation, or destruction. Equipment, machinery, other technical including e-mailing, as well as vehicles shall be operated in a proper manner.
SÖZAL Kimya employees are not allowed to disclose, copy and transmit the software media tools and messages to third parties for any season unless otherwise is permitted by the management.
SÖZAL Kimya is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and is guided by its commitment to promote sustainability and safety in choosing production processes and products. All SÖZAL Kimya employees are committed to secure people, workers and environment with in the scope of their own positions and responsibilities.
National and international laws may restrict or prohibit the import, export, or domestic trade in goods, technologies, or services, as well as capital and payment transactions. These restrictions and prohibitions may depend on the nature of the goods, the country of origin or and use or on the identity of the customer, and be strictly observed by all employees.
SÖZAL Kimya recognizes the four basic principles of the International Labour Organization (freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, no forced labour, no child labour, and no discrimination) and has defined measures to ensure that its suppliers respect these principles as well.
All employees have a right to fair, courteous, and respectful treatment. SÖZAL Kimya makes every employee read, understand and sign the contract together with this document. SÖZAL Kimya annually lectures the employees for one hour to apply the principles of this document.