Mission and Vision


to be a worldwide-known-company that meets the changing and emerging requirements of customers.


to be a valuable- worldwide- company that meets the future expectations of the sector,and whose products are commonly used or consumed.

Company Values

Workers’ Health ,Work Security and Environment

One of our primary duties is to secure the working environment without any accident.To secure the natural sources and environment is also our responsibility for the account and health of next generations.

Comformity with Legal and Ethical Values

We are respectful to the relevant regulations ,legislations and ethical values while we sustain &perform our majors and casual lifes.

Customer and Conclusion Focussed

Our teams are technically focussed to solve the customers’ problems as well as to make them achieve their goals.

New Ideas, Cooperation and Solidarity

Our teams are open-minded to evaluate new ideas, to cooperate and to be solidarity among them while they are working.