Quality Policy

Work processes and production based on global quality standards is a systematic method to progress sustaining competitive. The principle of focussed method is comprised of zero accident, zero out-of-quality product ,zero defect and zero waste. SÖZAL Kimya has considered and applied this method as of 2012.

SÖZAL Masterbatch defines and designs the processes and the products in accordance with the principles of the method, avoiding any waste from the beginning considering that every kind of waste treatment is a loss of resources. To this end, SÖZAL Kimya uses updated equipments, educates people, and selects the proper intermediates and suppliers in order to decrease consumption of natural resources, energy and waste.

  • To achieve goals above-mentioned:
  • We follow up the technologies and the market carefully,
  • We present the optimal product and service to the demand,
  • We suppose& consider the suppliers as a part of our own quality system,
  • We provide&promote the participation of all workers,
  • We all the time monitor and update Quality Management System.